Home training are still part of 2021, which in my opinion is one of the eternal changes 2020 has made in our lives. While exercising at home is easier said than done – consistently and with the same intensity – there are a hundred ways to get fit, but only a handful of them actually work. In all fairness, exercising without the help of a PE teacher is a pipe dream that few can achieve. Sure, there are tons of fancy home exercise equipment and accessories out there, but the question remains: after a month or two, are you still using them to spend hundreds of dollars?

This is where the NordicTrack Vault comes in and, thanks to the iFit trainers registered on the platform, literally supports you in training at professional sports level. This smart home training device combines technology, practicality and professional challenges that only a trainer can give you to get fitter day by day. The freestanding Smart Mirror provides storage space for all your dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands and anything else that still has space. You can call it an all-in-one smart gym with a built-in 32-inch HD touchscreen and mirror. So by choosing your exercise programs and following the on-screen instructions from the trainer, you can actually keep an eye on the correct form of each exercise.

You can get feedback based on your exercise program, and it couldn’t be more interactive than working out with your trainer while you emulate and correct the movements in real time. For a more personal fitness program, you can connect the heart rate monitor, which shows your important stats on the screen. To get you in the groove, the embedded speakers can be a great way to play your favorite workout playlist while you sweat it out every day. NordicTrack Vault is priced at $ 2,999 and includes the accessories for the closet and a one-year iFit family membership. The intuitive home workout gym is slated to come out sometime this year, and it will be interesting to see how people connect with the idea of ​​personal training on this scale.

Designer: NordicTrack

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