Staying at home means being safe during these difficult times. In this new normal, both our mental and physical health has been hit. There’s a reason we all need a personal trainer to get through these tough days! While there are tons of excuses not to exercise, this design takes you one step closer to coming exercise without breaking the bank at a high price Home gymnastics Equipment. Wall bars are the perfect antidote to all your excuses for not flexing your muscles and invite you to a quick workout. These carefully crafted wall bars from FatMonkey are the perfect blend of utility that is extremely practical.

No drilling or screws are required to attach the wall bars to a door in your home. This makes them an ideal option for rental apartments or hostels. The training device goes far beyond the advantage of the wall bar. It can be used cheaply for sling training, stretching, or isolated muscle training. There are tons of ways to configure it so you never get bored of repeating the same exercise. The FatMonkey wall bar can also be combined with your existing fitness bands, the sling trainer and the gymnastic rings for circuit training and functional training. One of the essential fitness routines is spending a significant amount of time on the pull-up bar. Well, FatMonkey does that with no problem, thanks to its well-designed bars with no movement or vibration.

The training device supports various muscle isolation exercises such as chest / shoulder / triceps dips, rowing exercises to strengthen the back / neck / biceps / shoulders, push-up for the core muscles and squats to strengthen the lower body. These are just a handful of exercise programs that you can accomplish with this multipurpose wall bar, and there is a lot to discover. Now you can stay fit, no longer give up any essential space and no more excuses!

Designer: WallMonkey

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Customization free of charge – Regarding the height of the side panels and the length of the bars, we will provide you with a FatMonkey wall bar that will fit exactly in your door.

Detailed design – The side supports are simply clamped into the door frame without screws, holes or dowels. The rungs are pushed into the open slots. The system fits into almost any door and is quick and easy to install.

Made by a master hand – Nothing wobbles or rattles with the FatMonkey wall bars. The elements are processed so precisely by a German master company with CNC machines that they interlock perfectly.

For nature lovers – The side supports are made of birch plywood. The layers of wood glued on top of each other and across the grain ensure high strength and stability.

Get a 360 ° training – Regardless of how versatile and innovative some solutions may be, the full range of physical skills such as strength, endurance, coordination, speed and flexibility are rarely used.

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