Even if gyms reopen around the world, that is Home fitness As a result of the pandemic, the industry has seen a complete design overhaul. Today’s home fitness industry places great emphasis on versatility and portability versus bulky equipment and monthly memberships, and a focus on modular design and compact build. We introduce your own couple at home work out Kits presented Stel Design AIIR, a portable training system designed for the age of accessibility.

Developed from a collaboration between personal trainers and product designers, AIIR was developed to reduce joint stress and promote healthy posture. AIIR Flow is the smaller of the two training sets and comes with two robust push-up bars made of carbon steel, so that you can do arm and chest training anywhere. The push-up bars come with spring-loaded, foldable supports that detach from either end of each handle and fold into it for ultimate portability. The push-up bars shrink to the size of a water bottle and can hold up to 300 pounds in use. Each handle has been ergonomically designed and promotes a healthy posture through a slightly inclined and raised body.

AIIR’s full-body training set, called Line, includes the same push-up bars that come with Flow, in addition to scratch-free floor gliders, door-mountable straps, and adjustable foot straps. While Flow focuses on the development of the upper arm and chest, AIIR Line offers the necessary equipment for a full body workout. The AIIR Line’s push-up bars are housed in an 8.5 x 6 x 2.5 inch travel case and are also made of carbon steel to ensure a long service life, while the straps are woven from webbing that can hold up to 350 lbs can carry.

Designer: AIIR x Stel Design

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Everything you need for a full body workout can be stowed in an AIIR travel bag.

The adjustable straps included with the AIIR Line can hold up to 350 pounds.

The push-up bars can withstand up to 300 pounds.

The adjustable foot straps can also be mounted on the door for more versatile training routines.

The foldable supports of the push-up bars make it easy to pack AIIR Flow to the size of a water bottle for ultimate portability.

All equipment in AIIR Flow can be packed in its 8.5 “x 6” x 2.5 “travel case.

The push-up bars and adjustable foot straps can be easily stowed away for training on the go.

The zippered travel bag is compact enough to fit in any suitcase or hand luggage.

The foot straps that can be mounted on the door can be adjusted in length to suit any body size.

Floor sliders and push-up bars can be used at the same time for a full-body workout.