Now that you have this planned Flower delivery service or selected a good one Valentine’s day gift It’s time for your partner to self-medicate. One of our favorite houses fitness Thanks to an exclusive Rolling Stone promo code, the systems got a huge discount this week. Use the coupon code just in time for Valentine’s Day ROLLINGSTONE214 to get a $ 214 discount (get it, 2/14?) on Learning time, the world-class fitness system that allows you to stream exercise classes at home

This is the first time Tempo Studio has gone on sale this year. The popular fitness mirror-style workout system almost never gets a discount because it is consistently a bestseller. However, you can use our coupon code ROLLINGSTONE214 Checkout now and get $ 214 off your Tempo Studio purchase.

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Typically the Tempo System costs up to $ 1,995, but with this Valentine’s Day discount, you can get the Tempo Studio System and included accessories (weights, dumbbells, heart rate monitor, and more) for just $ 1,781.

Get $ 214 Off Tempo Studio With Discount Code ROLLINGSTONE214 At Checkout

It’s worth noting that Tempo says his studio system isn’t actually a mirror, but like some of ours Favorite fitness mirrorYou can stream workouts through the screen and get instant feedback on your performance during sets from the studio’s sensors.

The stylish unit, which can stand alone in your home gym, has front storage for weight plates, as well as a shelf for storing mats and other items when you have completed your routine.

With the discount code, Tempo also includes around $ 1,000 worth of equipment: a barbell for the weights, dumbbells, a heart rate monitor, an exercise mat, and even a roller for your post-workout recovery. In short, it’s a major upgrade to the home gym with everything you need to keep in shape.

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This offer is only valid until Valentine’s Day. So act fast if you want the Tempo Studio at a discounted price. More details can be found here.

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