As the weather gets incredibly dry and hot again, our skin and hair lengths also suffer and become dry, which leads to split ends. Here’s how to effectively manage the problem.

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3 Simple Home Remedies to Treat and Get Rid of Split Ends Without Cutting Your Hair

No matter how much you condition your hair, clip the ends and mask them, the weather has a tremendous effect on your curls, making them change at will. The summer months can be the worst as the dryness not only affects the hair, it also makes it feel rough and very dry. Split ends are also very common in the summer months. Are you wondering how to deal with it? We got you covered!

Avocado hair mask
Avocados are known to add moisture to hair. They have been found to be excellent for the hair. Make the perfect avocado mask by mixing together an avocado, an egg, and a spoonful of olive oil. The fatty acids and vitamins replenish the hair with its lost vitamins and protect the follicles, resulting in healthier strands with fewer split ends.

Fish oil hair mask
The fatty acids contained in fish oil promote hair growth and improve blood circulation in the scalp. For the hair mask, mix a spoonful of coconut oil with two fish oil capsules. To this, add your favorite oil and heat this mixture for five minutes. Then, dip the ends of your hair in this oil and work it up. Avoid getting this on your scalp as it is thick and difficult to wash off.

Honey and olive oil mask
Honey and olive oil are two kitchen ingredients that are known to be great for both hair and skin. This duo is known for adding shine to your hair. Mix a spoonful of honey with two spoons of olive oil and apply it to damp hair. Leave it on for about 20 minutes before washing it off.

How do you deal with split ends? Comment below and let us know.

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