“One of the landscapes we’re trying to fill is the extra nourishment of everyday staples,” said co-founder Mollie Ficocello, a busy mom who knows the important role that staples like pasta and flour play in many home kitchens.

Ficocello and her two sisters Grace Lunski and Annie Gorder grew up in a farming family and came across GoodWheat in 2016. They planted a few acres of the novel wheat developed by Arcadia Biosciences. *

And in 2020 the sisters launched two product lines, an artisanal premium pasta and a nifty, non-fortified baking flour (which behaves and works like all-purpose flour, Lunski said).

“What really pulled us to GoodWheat was its nutritional attributes,” said Ficocello.

According to the company, a 2-ounce serving of its pasta contains 150 calories (compared to 200 calories for traditional pasta), 5x more fiber (11 g versus 2 g), 25% more protein, and 50% less gluten.

Ficocello noticed how his fiber requirements differentiated the products in the pasta and flour set.

“There are a lot of people looking for extra fiber in their diet,” she said. The FDA recommends a total fiber intake of 28 grams per day based on a 2000 calorie diet. However, according to Arcadia Biosciences, Americans only consume an average of 16 grams of fiber per day.

From a functional standpoint, Ficocello and Lunski stated that there is no compromise using GoodWheat in their pasta or for consumers who use GoodWheat baking flour.

According to Lunski, one of the biggest feedback from consumers is how similar the products taste compared to traditional counterparts. A premium product at a higher price (three 8-ounce packs of noodle retailing for $ 8.49), Three Farm Daughters aims to become an accessible brand for everyday use and a niche between high-end, import and Take special noodles and conventional pasta brands.

“We want to be the everyday pantry for consumers,” said Lunski, who added that this year the brand is stepping up its personalized marketing efforts to connect directly with its consumers.

100% wheat flour

Small but growing audience

Three Farm Daughters was introduced at a time when pantry staples were flying off supermarket shelves and home baking skyrocketing. Consumer demand for his products rose almost immediately, said Lunski.

“When we launched our products, we really met a need that is so exciting to be a founder,” said Lunski.

Like many other brands launched during the pandemic, Three Farm Daughters is focusing on its DTC channel to create a foundation (Three Farm Daughters flour and noodle products are sold through its website and on Amazon).

“With the ability to have their own e-commerce website, everyone in the US is a potential customer,” said Ficocello.

The brand was also sold through 37 retailers in the North Dakota region and will have additional brick and mortar distributions through 2021. The aim is to expand the GoodWheat acreage to increase the supply.

* The wheat is made from a non-genetically modified type of wheat with a high amylose content and an endosperm that contains a lot of resistant starch. This fiber resists digestion in the small intestine and makes its way to the large intestine, where it is fermented and potentially conferring a variety of health benefits.