One of the most luxurious materials has to be silk. While these get stained easily and seem difficult to maintain, we’re here to prove you wrong! Here are simple ways to keep your silk fresh and shiny at all times.

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3 quick and easy home remedies to bring back the shine in dull silk clothes

With a luxurious feel and finish, silks not only look expensive, but also feel expensive. The shiny material looks fabulous and is easy to dye, which leads most to believe that silk is difficult to maintain. While silks mostly require hand washing, it’s easier to remove stains and get them shiny again than it sounds!
Silk releases dirt easily, which enables quick washing. It also needs washing after a few scuffs, unless it’s stained or needs freshening up.

How to wash silk:
Mix cold water in a bucket and add a small amount of mild detergent. Put this silk inside and rub the material. Do not scrub or soak the material for too long as it is delicate.

Add distilled vinegar and mix well so that your silk regains its shine in lukewarm or room temperature water. Soak the silk pieces in this water for a maximum of 10 minutes and then remove them from the vinegar water. Rinse this with plain water, then air dry. This can also be used to remove sweat stains!

To remove stains from silk, do not treat the stain in the field, as these are usually tough and will damage clothing. Instead, wash the entire silk garment and soak it longer to remove stubborn stains. To lessen the impact of a fresh stain, dampen a clean cloth and blot the stain without scrubbing it. Let it dry and wash the entire cloth later.

Things To Avoid On Silk:
Bleach and chlorine cause permanent yellowing and weaken the silk.
Tumble dry in the washing machine.
Avoid twisting or scrubbing the fabric when it is wet, as this could break the threads.

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