Dry cough causing discomfort? Here are 3 effective home remedies that you should try to relieve the sore throat.

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3 home remedies for dry coughs when quarantined with the COVID 19 virus

One of the early symptoms of the Covid-19 virus is a dry cough. For the unskilled, dry cough, a type of cough that does not produce phlegm or phlegm. It’s when the throat feels dry, scratchy, sore, and rough to the touch. You might even feel a tickle in your throat that makes swallowing or swallowing extremely difficult. It can be difficult to find relief from a dry cough. There are several medical reasons that could be the cause of the dry cough, including Covid-19. Medicines prescribed by a healthcare professional must be taken. There are some home remedies that could help alleviate them.


Honey is filled with antibacterial and anti-fungal properties that help soothe dry and sore throats. It’s filled with antioxidants that aid healing. Mixing 2 tablespoons of honey with hot water can help relax a sore throat. Make sure you drink this concoction twice a day for better results.


In Ayurveda, ginger is considered a great remedy for many diseases, including dry cough. Its medicinal properties reduce inflammation, and its antibacterial properties protect the body from various types of viruses. Drinking hot ginger and clove tea can relieve the roughness and soothe an irritated throat.

Salt water gurgles

Salt will help kill the bacteria and loosen the mucus trapped in your throat. Gargling with warm salt water won’t bring instant relief, but will help kill the bacteria in the long run. It’s an age therapy that still seems to work well. Add a tablespoon of salt to a cup of hot water and gargle for 20 seconds 3 times a day and you will see the difference for yourself!

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