The Ness
Trampoline Fitness has popped up everywhere during the quarantine, and New York boutique studio The Ness hopes others will try Bounce Cardio by breaking the main barrier: a trampoline. The studio saw an opportunity to break through the many mini trampoline options and launch their own in late December. Released in partnership with JumpSport, the model features a bronze frame and is priced at $ 399.

Pilates train
The Peloton universe expanded somewhat in December with the introduction of Peloton Pilates. The mat classes are offered through the app by popular teachers like Emma Lovewell (who describes the workout as “like a big hug on your body”). No equipment is needed – although we wouldn’t be surprised if a peloton reformer rolled out over the line. Peloton’s cheaper treadmill model is also on the way, with a release date in late March. The company has also extended the duration of its free Peloton app trial to two months for users who sign up before January 31st.

New York Pilates World
Heather Andersen’s popular downtown Pilates chain, which combines reformer workouts with curated playlists and cheeky marketing, recently launched a members-only streaming platform, New York Pilates World. On-demand courses, all currently led by Andersen, come in a variety of formats and lengths. The playlists are put together by Creative Director and DJ Brion Isaacs to take advantage of the home studio experience.

New York Pilates World

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