You came here to learn how to get rid of silverfish so that we can dig into the details.

When you’ve found these skin-crawling insects in your home, we can feel your pain. These little silver insects like to come out at night and live in dark places so they are quite difficult to spot. They get their name from their silver color and fishy reflections, and move quickly, which adds to their creepiness rating.

They love living in damp places, where there is a lot of dust and dirt, and they feed on pretty much anything to put their antennae on, such as unsealed dry food and clutter. Usually, the first sign of a silverfish problem is when you see bite marks on paper, cardboard, and goods with glue (a rich source of protein for them). If you spot silverfish remnants such as skinned scales, droppings, and yellow spots, it is a sure sign of an infestation.

If this doesn’t sound like the unwanted guests you are dealing with, reach out to ours How to get rid of pests Instructions for getting a sensory check.

Experts at Rentokil Explain more: “Silverfish are serpentine insects that require moist and humid conditions and thrive in kitchens, laundry rooms, bathrooms, and other dark, isolated areas. Fixing leaks in pipelines, improving ventilation, and using dehumidifiers can all help keep silverfish out. ‘

Let us walk you through all of the ways to get rid of these super creepy crawly animals.

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1. Try the top tips from Mrs Hinch fans

Ms. Hinch’s “army” revealed how to get rid of silverfish Ms. Hinch cleaning tips Facebook page.

One revealed that a leak in a pipe was the cause of their problem, while another mentioned that a build-up of cardboard was the main attraction for silverfish.

One fan wrote:

“Did you have leaks anywhere? The previous owners of our home had a constant leak from the bathtub that had seeped all the way down to the floorboards. We fixed the leak that all aired and reappeared upstairs – only seen one since we were hoping it did the trick. ‘

Another recommended a pest control product called Dethlac spray This is an insecticide that when sprayed on surfaces dries to a hard, clear film that kills insects within a few hours.

Worth a try, isn’t it?

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2. Opt for natural repellants

As with many insect invaders, there are a number of natural ways to get rid of silverfish, including some sweet smelling scents that we love. It really is a win-win situation.

Give these natural repellants a swirl:

  • Essential oils: Cinnamon, cloves, and cedar are just a few of the smells silverfish abhor. Drop the essential oil where you discovered it, or simply spray on with water and 20-30 drops of oil.
  • Cucumber: Silverfish hate cucumbers … who knew? The next time you peel a cucumber for a salad, use the peels and puncture the infected areas.
  • Citrus fruits: The zest of lemon and limes is simply too much for silverfish. Use the peel in areas you’ve spotted it as described above, or mix lemon juice with water for a nifty spray.
  • Salt: After the silverfish is initially attracted to the salt, it becomes dehydrated and dies.

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3. Keep food sealed

The first place to go to figuring out how to get rid of silverfish is to make sure they don’t have any food to nibble on at all.

Since they love to gnaw through your dry produce, just like Pantry mothsInvesting in airtight mason jars, jars, and containers will keep you locked out of the buffet.

Storing food in sandwich bags and cardboard boxes just doesn’t cut as the sneaky pests are likely to chew through them to get to the goodies.

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4. Reduce the humidity

Silverfish thrive in moist environments. So your next step is to eliminate their favorite conditions. Investing in a decent dehumidifier in damp basements, stopping leaky plumbing, and making sure the bathroom is well ventilated should leave you feeling reasonably unwelcome.

Use sealant to seal any cracks. Seal external cracks with caulk and clear gutters to allow water to drain to prevent moisture.

  • Do you need a new dehumidifier? Read our guide to best dehumidifier This is how you can say goodbye to those big bad silverfish.

5. Use diatomaceous earth

When silverfish come into contact with diatomaceous earth, the white, crumbly powder, which consists of the fossilized remains of diatoms (a specific class of algae), destroys their outer wax layer, causing them to dry out and die.

We recommend sprinkling it around the floorboards, skirting boards, or skirting boards in your home and anywhere else you’ve seen signs of silverfish in the evenings.

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6. Eliminate the clutter

Silverfish are big fans of a hidden hole and they’re sure to find plenty in a crowded home. Devouring your old newspapers, magazines, and books is their vice. So if you want to keep every single piece of paper, we recommend a good old-fashioned clearance. But not Throw these three things away.

Silverfish also have a penchant for reading your wardrobe as a read CleanipediaContent Manager Alice Shaw-Beckett explains more:

‘… the silverfish is a tiny threat to your wardrobe. They love to consume high protein fibers like cotton, silk, and linen, and are attracted to clothing with food and stains from body fluids. ‘

Go through your clutter, clean up things you haven’t seen or needed in ages, and keep papers in sealed folders or tightly closed containers. And tackle your wardrobe by making sure your expensive items are either vacuum packed or covered in a garment bag.

If ever there was a reason to disappoint, this is it.

7. Try a trap

By following the directions above, try to provide your self with a few trustworthy traps to make sure they haven’t been around for a long time. Hide the traps you saw the animals in, with special attention to the desk drawers, under the sink and bookshelves, and the attics and basements.

Warning: If you choose to use boric acid traps, keep them out of the reach of children and pets and keep food there as they can be toxic if ingested.

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