5 things readers swear to kill fire ants …

  • Scatter grains around the mound. Readers say: the ants will eat them, the sand will expand, and the ant will die.

Chance that this will work: 1 in a very large number. Why: Like you, an ant won’t eat food that is larger or the same size as in a meal.

  • Shovel into one fire anthill and place it on top of another fire anthill. Readers say: the fire ants will fight each other and exterminate themselves.

Chance of this working: 0 in 10. Why: If you shovel an anthill onto another nearby anthill, the chances are it is the same colony is very high. Hence, you would draw ants from the same colony. No war waged. No self-extinction.

  • Pour hot water on the hill. Readers say, it drowns or scalds them, but everyone is good for them.

Chance that this will work: 100% to kill ants. 0% to kill the colony. Why: Scalding water kills a lot of small insects, but the colony is too big. You could get rid of the mound, but it would likely reappear elsewhere.

  • Pour gasoline on the hill. Readers say: This makes more sense than hot water, especially if you light it up after you pour it.

Probability that this will work: 1 in 10. Why: Again, you will kill well any insects the gas comes into contact with, as well as the grass and plants in the area where the gas was applied. You can even get rid of the mound, but again, it will likely show up elsewhere. It’s also bad for the environment. In addition, the desire to ignite becomes great.


  • Mowing machine. My favorite. Okay, be honest – who doesn’t take pride in mowing a fire ant bed?

Chance that this will work: Slim. Why: While this is best of all, it won’t kill the colony. However, it will put the surviving ants (roughly 2,700,000,000 of them) on attack mode. Seriously. For an ant, something is attacking its colony and queen. If you’re mowing one, it’s best to stay away for a while.

You would be shocked to know how many fire ants are under your garden this second. Same thing with termites. Removing the queen is the only way to get rid of the colony and it is possible for a colony to have more than one queen.

It is best to sprinkle poison around the hills and be patient. I know this is tough, but this is your best plan of attack.