Onyx specializes in body tracking technology and personalization of workout feedback. It offers high-precision reps, form corrections, and detailed performance tracking. Onyx is also one of the top rated apps in the fitness space and was recently named “App of the Day” by Apple Appstore and has seen rapid user growth over the past year.

Cure.fit is India largest and most funded health tech company. Cure.fit was recently introduced in the US with its energy meter technology where the phone camera tracks users’ movements as they attempt to follow guided content from trainers. Users can track their improvements, compete with their friends, post selfies, and follow their favorite trainers.

Acquisition comment, Mukesh BansalCure.fit, Co-Founder, said: “The 20s will be the decade of digital health. Onyx will accelerate our efforts to build a hardware-independent AI-led platform that provides guided content on physical and mental wellbeing and nutrition, providing the user with a personalized one Experience with high quality technology and a human touch, and can achieve his fitness goals from the comfort of his home without having to spend on expensive hardware. ”

Shamik Sharma, Technical Director at Cure.fit, stated, “With this technology, our digital product will be very similar to taking a group class at the boutique studio or a personal training session at the gym. Users will get feedback on their movements and it will.” We integrate with all display devices like Apple TV, Chromecast etc. and users can watch a variety of exercises like dance, HIIT, yoga etc. from home. “

Onyx Co-Founder Asaf Avidan Antonir said of the acquisition, “Our mission at Onyx has always been to make truly personalized and connected fitness accessible to everyone. We are excited to join Cure.fit to contribute to this mutual contribution.” Mission and together we’re bringing incredible digital fitness experiences even faster to a global audience. High-precision body tracking combined with studio-quality content helps us create a very differentiated experience for our users. “

About Cure.fit

Cure.fit Healthcare Pvt Ltd is a holistic integrated health platform headquartered in Bangalore. Founded in 2016 by Mukesh Bansal and Ankit Nagori, Cure.fit aims to approach preventive healthcare through a combination of engagement, coaching and delivery using a mix of online and offline channels. Cure.fit offers a healthy life through its critical dimensions – physical fitness and wellness. Cult.fit, the fitness category, focuses on physical strength through several offline group training centers and gyms in top cities in India. Cure.fit is an app-based service provider and is available for Android and iOS.

More information about Cure.fit: https://www.Cure.fit/

About onyx

Onyx is a fitness app that uses computer vision and AI on the device to track nearly every exercise, correct your form, and provide real-time guided workouts tailored to your performance. Founded in 2018 by Asaf Avidan Antonir and James ShaOnyx is committed to making personalized fitness accessible to everyone and providing the best possible networked fitness experience that doesn’t rely on expensive hardware. Funded by leading VCs, fitness managers, and AI experts, Onyx is featured by Apple, Forbes, CNN, and more.

Onyx website: https://onyx.fit

Onyx App: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/onyx-home-workout/id1440639203


Asaf Avidan Antonir | M: +1 (408) 431-9229
E: [email protected]

SOURCE Curefit

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