HIGHLAND, ILL. – Trouw Nutrition, Nutreco’s animal nutrition division, has acquired a facility in southern Texas from ADM Animal Nutrition.

“This acquisition takes our vision to a higher level and adds a greater depth of resources to a broader customer base,” said Clifton Morgan, general manager of Hi-Pro Feeds. Trouw Nutrition USA buys the facility and integrates it into its Hi-Pro feed organization.

With the acquisition, Trouw Nutrition can be expanded by integrating the block press line and other milling functions. The two companies have started integrating their operations and services during a transition period of 12 months, with Hi-Pro ADM providing toll grinding services.

“With this addition, we see a clear path for Hi-Pro to drive Trouw’s continued growth as a global leader in animal nutrition,” said Dan Baker, General Manager of Trouw Nutrition USA.

Trouw Nutrition offers specialty feeds, premixes, feed additives and nutritional services for the animal nutrition industry. It offers products, models and services to increase productivity and support animal health in all phases of life. The company, headquartered in the Netherlands, has locations in 28 countries and employs around 8,000 people.

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