If you’re working hard to lose a few extra pounds, you probably know all of the basics that you should be doing such as: B. Reduce sugar and processed foods, and exercise regularly. But beyond that, there are plenty of sneaky tricks out there to increase weight loss. And the best part about it? These are backed by science so that you can achieve your goals faster.

  • Fidget while you watch TV– –researchshows that if your muscles do not move at all, even for a short period of time, your metabolism may take a breather. This has led weight loss experts to advise staying active – even a little – while relaxing on the sofa. So swing those arms around, keep fidgeting and even if you are lazy you will be working towards your goal.
  • Watch as you eat in front of a mirror– After onestudySimply eating in front of a mirror can improve your eating habits. The researchers found that people who watched themselves eating unhealthy foods didn’t like what they saw, and it caused them to make positive changes.
  • Shop on a full stomach– Getting your grocery up and running when your stomach is rumbling is never a good idea.researchfound that shopping while hungry can result in people choosing unhealthy foods and filling their carts with high-calorie foods.
  • Put on sportswear– Have you been wearing your workout clothes continuously for the last year? It could be good for your waistline loudlya study. It suggests that wearing sportswear increases physical activity in our daily fitness routines. So stay comfortable and skip the suit.
  • Throw away the white plates– We usually focus on the serving size of the food we are preparing without thinking too much about the surface we are eating from, just onestudygives us a reason to pay attention to the plate itself. The researchers found that a high color contrast between the food and the plate can help you eat less. Participants who used white plates ate 22% more food than participants who ate red plates. So it may be time to reconsider your dishes.

Source:Eat that, not that