Jasheer Arshad before (left) and after
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Jasheer Arshad was curious. Very curious. He had come across a home remedy that claimed it could cure obesity. The UAE-based expat had been playing with the idea of ​​a weight loss plan for a while, ever since he was diagnosed with high blood pressure and asked to exercise. Weight management seemed like the only way to get off daily medication. Even so, he felt lazy about the effort it would take. Then he stumbled upon the drink that was supposed to be the answer.

So the 76kg, 165cm tall Indian expat from Chennai decided to give it a try. He found seven such drinks online – he tried the simplest and chose the ones that seemed to work for him; they are number three.

Weight loss drinks

Morning on an empty stomach: Apple cider vinegar in a cup of hot water
During the day: ginger-lemon in hot water
After dinner before bed: Mixture of black cumin, ginger powder and turmeric powder in hot water

A few days after starting this routine, he saw that he had lost some weight. Motivated, he also takes the next step.

He started chopping up his meals – skipping breakfast first, then lunch. However, it was a gradual process. He replaced his morning chana-paratha and south Indian treats with tea. His other meals consisted of rice and rotis (flatbread), lentils, vegetables, and a chicken / fish curry. He stopped the rice first. Then he started reducing the amount of flatbread. Soon for lunch he was eating biscuits or bread with tea. In the next phase he stopped eating lunch altogether – his main meal was dinner, for which he ate grilled fish or chicken with vegetables and fruits. He didn’t have any fraudulent days or meals. He had no food from restaurants. And he continued to drink his three home-brewed potions. “The stomach shrinks when you diet,” he says, adding that the portion changes didn’t affect it badly because they were gradual.

He adds: ” [I] Avoid fatty foods, sweets, rice, junk foods, fatty foods and carbonated drinks and diary. I checked the calories before every meal [to see] whether it will add weight or not. “

Within three months of starting his regime, says Arshad, his blood pressure returned to normal; he could throw the pills away now. So he continued. And lost weight. So he continued. And lost weight. And so … you get the idea.

Five months later, Arshad had lost a dramatic 28 kg. “I reached 47.6 in November. My body helps lose more weight, but I feel weak; I can’t even walk. So I stopped doing that, ”he says. His doctor was concerned. He urged Arshad to gain weight – to reach at least 55 kg.

Even so, Arshad kept the 47-49 kg window. “I’ve tried harder to stay [at] this weight for a few more months because even my parents want to see it [the change face to face]. Because of the pandemic I can’t visit my home, but as soon as I can I want to show my parents and then I’ll put some weight on – [get] on the doctor’s recommendation, ”he says.

So he has one meal a day – but the quality of his consumption has changed. He has started eating his favorites: biryani, KFC, pizza, etc.

No guilt, just smile at this change in happiness; Happy meals are now an option.