She is looking for a home with older children and would get along well with other calm cats

HalifaxToday, in partnership with the Dartmouth SPCA, regularly brings you a feature highlighting a special pet that needs to be adopted.


Sweet little pud is hoping someone will fall in love with her and give her a great home.

Pud is a lovely woman who is a little overweight and needs to find a home ready to help her lose weight.

She has dental disease and needs dental treatment, but she needs to lose some weight before she can be released to safely go under sedation.

Pud was diagnosed with a 3/6 heart murmur and mild spondylosis between one spot in her spine.

Despite these medical diagnoses, Pud is a dear tomcat who would like to have a home with older children. She lived in a house with other cats so I’m sure she would enjoy the company of another carefree senior.

Pud is going to be an adopted girl and needs to be weighed monthly.

Pud is available for adoption by the Dartmouth SPCA. If you are ready to meet and possibly adopt Pud, please visit our website for the next steps:

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