We’re offering a discount on six great apps to help you meet your fitness goals in 2021.


It’s the end of February. That said, there’s a good chance you already broke your New Year’s resolutions.

If your goal was to lose weight and improve your fitness, but you have been hiding in one too many chocolate bars, don’t worry. All is not lost!

Here are six fitness apps that can get you back on track.

BetterMe is a home training and dieting app. The main features include training trips, personalized training plans, nutrition plans, and meal plans. Yoga workouts and walking workouts are also included. There’s even a water intake tracker and pedometer.

You can Buy a lifetime subscription for $ 40.

Fitness Ally offers on-demand home training. The workouts are suitable for people of all fitness levels.

The standout feature of the app is to use your device’s camera. It monitors your workout in real time and then provides feedback and motivation based on what it sees.

You can grab one One-year plan for Fitness Ally for $ 20.

Verv offers an all-in-one solution for home fitness. The app revolves around four basic fitness principles: physical activity, diet, sleep, and mindfulness.

Once you dig into the content, you’ll find weight loss workout plans, body toning sessions, meal plans, and even mediation and yoga videos.

You can grab it One year access for $ 40.

Auro offers a unique concept in the world of fitness apps – audible workouts.

Instead of relying on videos, Auro offers 700+ guided audio workouts for you to listen to. Every training session is a mixture of instruction, motivation, fun and music.

ON One-year plan is available for $ 30.

Yoga has been shown to have a number of physical and mental benefits.

If you’re not in the mood to run over your chances of winning yoga classes at your local gym, subscribe to YogaDownload Unlimited. There are more than 1,500 yoga and fitness classes you can take.

As a MUO reader, you can get Access to YogaDownload Unlimited for $ 30 / year.


Onyx uses your phone’s camera to count your reps, correct your form, and track your progress. It can even measure your pace when you are cycling or walking.

There are video and audio workouts, and the app can adjust the plans in real time based on your performance.

You can grab one one-year subscription to Onyx for $ 80.


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