New York Mills, NY – After about four months of searching, the Utica Hellcats – the city’s first full-contact professional women soccer team – have officially found a home.

The Utica Hellcats have officially selected The Fitness Mill Gym in New York Mills as their home gym.

“Your image for our community is the same as it is for us. We want to make sure that we give the best and always give back as much as we can, just as they are, ”said Nicole Caquias, CEO of Hellcats.

“We had a couple of meetings together and put our partnership together with the Hellcats. It was just nothing but great. What a great group of ladies and what they do for our gym and showcase our gym and their workouts was great, ”said Alex Carbone, Owner of The Fitness Mill.

Workouts are scheduled three times a week for players with coaches from The Fitness Mill. Players can go to training at any time.

For the players, choosing a gym means making the plan a reality and they hope that younger girls will see their team as inspiration.

“This is my first time playing soccer. I’ve played a lot of softball in the community so I’ve been rooted in the sport for a while, but it’s my first time playing soccer, ”said Alexandra Tracy, Hellcats member. “I am all for the empowerment of women and that we go out there and stand out there. But being a part of something that’s first time is like writing history. You want to be part of it. “

“I started playing soccer with the boys when I was 11. I played soccer for three years, ”said Hellcats member Tonya Snyder. “Can’t wait for the season to start and make history and have paved the way for younger girls to see they can do whatever they want to do.”

The Hellcats are one of 66 teams in the Women’s Football Alliance. the largest 11v11 soccer league for women. The season should start in the first week of April. Due to the pandemic, the start on May 4th was delayed by a month.