Given that most regular gyms are done in bright colors and functional decor, it’s no surprise that home gyms often look the same. Inspiration for really stylish gyms is few and far between, which means that the designated areas of private fitness rooms usually end up as a boring secondary thought – boring, bulky and sometimes just plain sad. It absolutely doesn’t have to be the case, however, and there is no gym better than Victoria Beckham’s to prove it.

As you can imagine, the fashion designer’s room is incredibly chic – and not at all what you would expect from a room that is mostly sweaty. Beckham revealed the area in a July 16 Instagram slideshow showing her in various poses at her Cotswalds home while dressed in a lime green workout set from her latest version Reebok x Victoria Beckham Collection. But her background wasn’t that of clunky machines and bare, uncomfortable décor. Rather, it was eclectic, rustic, and cozy – essentially the opposite of anything the average home gym embodies.

This was not least due to the cool, wood-paneled walls and the matching floor, an unexpected element that somehow fits perfectly into the unconventional space. With the other design elements, the former Spice Girl kept the furnishings simple: industrial-looking lights line the ceiling, a few small plants and candles line the window in front of the treadmill, next to it hangs something that looks like a black and white Photo of Snoop Dogg by Anthony Mandler.

The 47-year-old not only placed a clear focus on aesthetics in her home fitness studio, but also emphasized it by reducing the actual training elements to a minimum and selecting suitable elements. The room had a black treadmill, a wall of mirrors, and a large black foam mat, so it’s easy to miss the fact that it was a gym at all. All other tools or implements seemed either absent or hidden away from view.

Sure, you might not be able to line an entire room in expensive wood paneling, but that doesn’t mean you can’t emulate the basic idea behind Beckham’s incredibly cool home gym yourself. One of the easiest ways to do this is by adding detail to the walls – anything from wallpaper to artwork can help take the focus off the unsightly parts and make the space appear intentional. Keep it smaller if possible Tools and equipment Organized and out of sight will also be a long way off. And if that’s not possible, try buying pieces that go with your decor rather than against it.

It’s entirely possible to create a fitness spot at home that looks just as good as the rest of your living space, so don’t just look over Beckham’s stylish room without doing anything. Armed with these tips, keep scrolling to buy something Gym decor inspired by their own to help you get a similar look in your own space.

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