(WQOW) – A viral social media post by a COVID-19 survivor shares home remedies to treat the virus, but do health officials support these claims?

The thread claims remedies like sleeping on your stomach, moving your arms frequently, and eating certain foods like eggs, avocados, and asparagus all help cure COVID-19 at home.

One doctor says these ideas wouldn’t hurt to try, but there’s no evidence behind them.

“These are all things that make sense in moderation,” said Dr. Ken Johnson, HSHS Sacred Heart Hospital Emergency Department and Chief Medical Officer of Prevea Health. “But I would also say that there is no evidence that these things would significantly affect your recovery.”

However, Johnson says some of the claims are unfounded and not recommended, including suggestions to wake up every two hours to walk around and avoid drinking cold beverages. Instead, Johnson recommends drinking plenty of fluids regardless of temperature, maintaining a good overall diet, and seeing a doctor immediately if symptoms worsen.

You can view the full post thread Here.

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