The nutrition company plans to revolutionize diabetes management after introducing doctor-recommended meal replacement shakes that help maintain healthy blood sugar levels by developing a simple and effective way to reduce the amount of carbohydrates in your diet.

Nutrition company Type 2 diet unveiled an innovative diabetes management program specifically designed for people with type 2 diabetes and prediabetes.

At its core, type 2 diabetes is essentially just chronically high blood sugar. There are many things that can lead to high blood sugar levels, but perhaps the most significant one is a person’s diet. A diet high in carbohydrates, in particular, can cause blood sugar levels to rise because they are carbohydrates that are digested by the body and are quickly converted into sugar.

If too much sugar builds up in the body, it can lead to high blood sugar, high A1C, and diabetes.

Type2Diet cites dozens of new studies showing that a low-carb diet is a highly effective way to naturally lower blood sugar levels. Health professionals often prescribe this type of diet to patients with elevated blood sugar and A1C.

However, Avery Chernin, founder of Type2Diet, pointed out that eating a low-carb diet is notoriously difficult.

“Here comes the Type2Diet Meal replacement shakes Come in. Each shake replaces a whole meal. Instead of having a sandwich for lunch, which can contain 50 or even 100 grams of carbohydrates, just have a shake. It’s an incredibly easy way to reduce carbohydrates in your diet, ”explains Avery.

Each shake contains 27g of protein, 21g of fat and only 2g of net carbohydrates.

In addition, each shake is loaded with essential vitamins and minerals as well as a host of clinically proven ingredients that have been shown to support healthy blood sugar levels.

Type2Diet says many of their customers have reported that their blood sugar levels are back in healthy ranges after drinking two shakes a day instead of two meals for a period of 1-3 months.

In a review, Kristi H., who works with patients with diabetes, said that “every person I have suggested using these shakes has not only lost weight, but has also significantly decreased their fasting glucose levels. They all talk about how good it tastes too, which is a wonderful bonus. “

On the flip side, Steven O., who also works in healthcare, said, “As a physician’s assistant in internal medicine for over 25 and treating patients with DM, this is by far the best meal replacement program available. Since recommending this program to some of my patients, I have seen changes in their general health and consistent reductions in their A1C levels. The good taste makes it easy for patients to stay on the program. I can only warmly recommend this to other medical professionals. “

Type2Diet is also introducing other nutritional supplements to support the other needs of people with diabetes, such as: B. Neuropathy, gut health and sugar cravings.

Those looking to start their diabetes management program can choose the Type2Diet. to visit website to get started.

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