Workouts to stream if you still avoid the gym

I love to work out and I still hesitate to visit the gym in person. Finally, the safety of attending a shared fitness center during the pandemic is up for debate. So for now, I’ve turned to workouts that I can stream from the comfort of my living room. Streaming exercise programs are not always easy to navigate, however. You have to find an instructor you like, moves you can do, and something that doesn’t require too much equipment. Some are easier to do from an apartment than others, especially a small one. When it comes to streaming, some are more expensive than others. Yes, the price range is wide: there are free fitness tutorials that you can stream on YouTube, and there are those that require gear like the Peloton bike or the Mirror workout that you’ve seen all over Insta. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorites to help walk you through your home workouts no matter why you’re doing them. At Refinery29, we’re here to help you navigate this overwhelming world. All of our market picks are selected and curated independently by the editorial team. All product details reflect the price and availability at the time of publication. When you buy something that we link to on our website, Refinery29 can earn a commission. The Sculpt Society What it is: Megan Roup walks you through dance cardio moves and strength training exercises that use their signature sliding washers. Here’s how it works: You can go to the app to stream your favorite workouts when needed, take a live class, or work your way through one of Roup’s classic training programs. For example, their 10-week program offers a mix of dance cardio, sculpture, and yoga classes that last between five and 50 minutes. If you want to dip a toe first, The Sculpt Society also offers a weekly free workout on their Instagram feed. Price: The app offers a seven-day free trial. From there, it’s $ 19.99 per month or $ 119.99 per year. The Class Digital Studio What it is: Taryn Toomey’s class is part-workout, part-experience (Chapter E on purpose). The site calls it “a practice of self-study through physical conditioning”. You have to experience it to get it. This is how it works: Hourly courses are broadcast live seven days a week between 5:15 am and 9:00 pm. Price: There is a 14-day free trial. Then you can pay $ 40 per month or $ 400 per year for access. Bonded By The Burn What It Is: A full body strength program that focuses on core work and cardio. Here’s how it works: They offer 10 to 70 minutes of live and on-demand workouts that you can stream through their website. Each workout is a mix of slow, controlled movements to build strength and high-intensity intervals to challenge endurance. Be warned: it’s super, super hard. But it gets easier once you get an overview of the movements – and it’s one of those workouts you crave. Price: There is a 7-day free trial then access to the videos costs $ 29.99 per month or $ 249.99 per year What It Is: AKT is a dance-based workout that combines cardio, toning, and sculpting and was developed by celebrity trainer Anna Kaiser. Here’s how it works: Right now, you can practice the optimistic moves via the AKT GO streaming platform. You will need a yoga mat, a resistance band with and one without handles, and a Pilates ball. Price: It’s $ 35 a month, but people new to the class can save $ 15 on the monthly subscription price. Variis What it is: A collection of different brands of workouts, all taught by real teachers. How it works: Choose your workout from the videos available in the app from brands such as Equinox, SoulCycle, Precision Run, Pure Yoga, HeadStrong (a meditation podcast), and Myodetox (a recovery program). Price: Access to the app is free with a US Equinox membership and available to those who pre-order the SoulCycle home bike for $ 40 per month. SoulCycle Off The Bike What it is: The brand’s beloved instructors guide on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays Instagram live workouts and bodyweight meditation sessions. Here’s how it works: Every Monday at 12:00 p.m., check SoulCycle’s Instagram account for the instructor list and workout information for the week. No equipment is required. Price: Free on Instagram[solidcore]What It Is: A Reformer Pilates Workout That Will Leave You Sore From Head To Toe. Unfortunately the studios are currently closed. Currently, coaches are doing workouts at home that you can stream on Instagram. Here’s how it works: They guide you through movements like boards and crunches with a straight arm. All you need is a towel or slider and a few feet of floor space. Price: Free on InstagramThe Salt DropWhat it is: Yoga and Pilates Meetings Plyometrics Moves. The class is all about perseverance and flowing in time. How it works: The studio’s upbeat coaches train Instagram Live at different times every day.Price: Free on Instagram LiveClassPassWhat it is: A workout class app with free home fitness videosHow it works: Access a full library of on-demand workouts for videos from dance to HIIT either in the ClassPass app or on the website. Price: Videos are free with every membership and cost between $ 49 and $ 199 per month (depending on monthly credit). MirrorWhat it is: A high-tech, interactive home workout on a reflective screenHow it works: Choose from over 10,000 on-demand courses from top teachers and stream them on your mirror from the comfort of your home. Price: $ 1,495 Photo: Courtesy MirrorSky Ting TV What It Is: A Yoga Streaming Workout How It Works: They offer calming classes for people of different abilities. Don’t have much time? Do not worry. Videos are between five minutes and an hour. Price: They offer a free trial for seven days, and then it’s $ 20 a month. Peloton What It Is: A Spin Class Streaming App How It Works: Okay, you know the expensive bike. But this app also offers thousands of instructor-led, intense workouts that can be done with or without equipment. They offer tutorials on strength training, yoga, meditation, stretching, and cardio. In addition, the “virtual high fives” of the programs are safe with social distancing. Price: The brand is extending the free trial period for the app from 30 days to 90 days to make it easier to access wellness content during the coronavirus outbreak. From there, the app costs $ 12.99 per month. Tone It Up What it is: A fitness YouTube channel with a variety of workouts How it works: Presenters Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott frequently post YouTube videos demonstrating everything from HIIT to prenatal workouts. Price: FreeNEOU What it is: Streaming app for a variety of cardio, strength, toning and yoga workouts How it works: This app gives you access to live and on-demand welding sessions from the best gyms like Jane Do and guidance from elite trainers. My favorite workout is “push” with Joseph D, which includes cardio kickboxing, plyometry, and strength training. The pike are killing me. If that’s not your style, they also feature dance, barre, strength, yoga, and stretching. Price: Plans typically cost $ 7.99 for a month, but currently they offer 30 days for free and $ 50 for the year. Gaia What it is: A streaming app for meditation and yoga videos How it works: This chill app publishes videos of immersive workshops, meditations, and yoga exercises every week. They also film a lot of videos outdoors in quiet places that make you feel at ease even when watching them from your tiny studio apartment. Price: Live access is $ 24.92 per month or $ 299 per year. The Be.come project by Bethany C. Meyers What it is: The streaming app for all levels and bodies Functionality: With its 25-minute routines, this app pursues an integrative, “body-neutral” approach (Bethany offers numerous variations on how you meet Your level). Each week the instructor demonstrates a new routine to be repeated over a seven day period so your body can familiarize itself with it. Price: The first 10 days are free, and then it’s $ 35 per month. obé Fitness What it is: A Fast Streaming App How It Works: With 100 live classes per week and plenty of on-demand, these workouts last 28 minutes and will help you maintain consistency and get stronger, whether you’re doing barre, sculpting, or pilates. Price: $ 27 per month $ 199 for one year. Use code ATHOME when you check out for a month for free.Tracy Anderson Online StudioWhat it is: A streaming workout with a personalized scheduleHow it works: You set it up in different programs, with instructions that vary depending on if You’re new to the Tracy Anderson Method, you’re semi-familiar with it, or you’re a professional. For example, the beginners program “sTArt” offers you a muscle structure class led by Anderson, access to a library of cardio dance exercises and breakdown sessions with the trainers. Price: $ 90 per month or $ 808.50 per year. You can try it out first with a 14-day free trial. Like what you see How about a little more R29 grade, right here? 9 Of The Best Ab Workouts You Can Do At Home12 Workout Items To Buy For A Legitimate Home Gym We assigned zodiac signs to the workout leggings