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It’s much, much better to be on the lower end of the medically obese spectrum than on the heavier end. Every few pounds lost and kept away makes a remarkable difference

A January 8th items Springer Link finds that obese patients who had previously undergone bariatric surgery were 72 percent less likely to be hospitalized for severe COVID-19 symptoms, and 78 percent more likely to survive the disease than the control group. Dr. West Medical’s Hooman Shabatian says, “The results are extremely significant as they provide further scientific support for what we already know – Weight loss surgery has significant benefits for patients, including those who remain clinically obese after surgery. “

“While the ultimate goal of bariatric surgery is to help patients fight obesity, the results always take time,” says Dr. Shabatian. He notes, “It is normal for patients to remain medically obese for a period of time after weight loss surgery, but the health benefits of losing weight can show up soon after the procedure, and now we know that when it comes to COVID, too -19. ”

“For example, someone who weighs over 300 pounds can have many conditions, including osteoarthritis, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, and type 2 diabetes,” says Dr. Shabatian. “In the months following weight loss surgery, symptoms of these comorbidities may subside or even go away after weight loss is achieved. Clinically, patients can still be considered obese if their ideal weight is 150 pounds and they have only lost 75 pounds to date. While still considered obese at 225 pounds, that person is still much better off than before surgery on a variety of health factors – and it seems that their body is also better than good at fighting off COVID-19 complications. “

Dr. Says Shabatian, “Patients who have only lost 50 to 100 pounds and are still considered obese should not view this classification as a setback or a failure. Weight loss is not an all-or-nothing game. It’s much, much better to be on the lower end of the medically obese spectrum than on the heavier end. Every few pounds that are lost and kept off makes a remarkable difference, ”says the bariatric surgeon.

“For patients who are aware that obesity makes them one of the risk groups for COVID, immediate treatment can provide additional security, along with the many other benefits of bariatric medicine,” says Dr. Shabatian. Interested readers can learn more about weight loss procedures and West Medical by visiting the center’s website at or by phone at (855) 678-4778.

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