Dr. Michael Mosley often shares his Weight loss tips with slim online as well as on television. Although he encourages people to exercise, Dr. Mosley suggested that a healthy diet is even more important to losing those pounds.

There are many myths surrounding weight loss, but according to Dr. Mosley has one of the most “stubborn” things to do with exercise.

The nutritionist said, “First, let’s get rid of one of the most persistent myths – that exercise is a great way to burn calories.

“This is one of the oldest and saddest myths ever. Sorry because it’s not true.

“The problem is, thanks to our evolutionary past when food was scarce and our ancestors were active, our bodies are incredibly efficient at walking or running.”

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Since the human body was literally born to run, Dr. Mosley: “You have to do a lot to burn even a few calories”.

This is not to say that people shouldn’t exercise at all, the doctor stressed, but slimming people should be aware that proper diet is more beneficial for weight loss.

Dr. Mosley continued, “I went to Loughborough University a while ago to find out how many calories I burned running.

“I wore special monitoring equipment and drove around the track at a brisk pace. I wasn’t exactly threatening any Olympic records, but I was fast enough to be relieved when after 10 minutes I was told I could stop.

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“It found I was consuming about 16 calories per minute, which meant I burned a total of 160 calories after running just over a mile. Not bad, I thought.

“But put it into perspective. A small bar of chocolate contains around 240 calories, while a chocolate muffin contains around 500 calories.

“So if you decide on a muffin and a medium latte – 150 calories – after your run, you fill yourself up with 650 calories.”

Dr. Mosley added, “While exercise is a great way to stay healthy and fit, it shouldn’t replace healthy eating – it has to go hand in hand.

“So regular exercise can boost your immune system in addition to the more obvious benefits of fitness and strength.”

As for a healthy diet, Dr. Mosley The Fast 800, a plan he developed that only consumes 800 calories a day to reduce body fat.

This diet includes Mediterranean, low-carbohydrate ingredients like fatty fish, fresh vegetables, whole grains, lentils, beans, nuts, seeds, spices, and olive oil.

“The Mediterranean diet is widely recognized as the healthiest, most nutritious diet in the world,” said Dr. Mosley.