Weight loss goals can be achieved by following a healthy eating plan and exercising regularly. Experts have shared healthy eating swaps to boost fiber and help with burning Belly fat.

The expert suggested eating foods high in soluble fiber to speed up weight loss and burn belly fat.

While fiber might be important for losing weight, many people may not be eating enough.

It’s not always obvious how best to include it in a diet plan.

However, experts have swapped some simple food changes to increase fiber intake for Knorr’s “Eat for Good Future 50” campaign.


Swap rice for quinoa

They said, “Swap rice for quinoa for three times more fiber.

“It is a source of magnesium and folic acid while reducing greenhouse gas emissions by around 50 percent and water consumption by up to 90 percent compared to white rice (under cultivation).”

The experts added that the swap could also be good for the planet by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

“Cilembu sweet potatoes have a sweet, honey-like taste and come from Indonesia.

“Eating more types of similar foods helps make the food system more resilient while providing more nutrients.”

When trying to lose weight, many people want to hit certain parts of the body like belly fat.

Making the healthy switches could help speed up dieting results.

When trying to lose weight, it’s important to follow a healthy diet and exercise plan.