When you eat unhealthy foods, snacking can result in large numbers of calories being consumed throughout the day. Eating unhealthy snacks like junk food won’t help you lose weight, but there are ways you can consume the foods you love without having to go without them.

First, the nutritionist says you should only eat when you are really hungry.

She said, “Many of us have had a snack for reasons other than hunger. Boredom, stress and snacking as a reward after a long day are common.

“The next time you reach for a snack, take a moment to wonder if you are hungry. When you find you aren’t, eating isn’t the answer.

“There are many ways to counteract non-hunger eating. I recommend keeping a food journal that keeps track of everything you eat and how you feel each time you eat.

“This can help identify recurring triggers for snacks such as lack of sleep, stress, or boredom. Once you have a deeper understanding of your triggers, you can find healthier ways to meet those needs, such as: For example, working on a better sleep routine or going for a walk to relieve stress or overcome boredom instead of turning to eating. “

If you want to lose a few pounds or eat healthier, the expert recommends staying away from sugary foods.

Kim added, “Snacks that are high in sugar or based on starchy carbohydrates are unlikely to keep us happy for long. Instead of reaching for a piece of toast or a biscuit, find a snack that is higher in protein or health or healthy fat.

“Good examples are a small handful of unroasted nuts, a small pot of coconut yogurt, or a few olives. These are more likely to fill you up and keep you satisfied for longer. “

Constant grazing can not only avoid sugary snacks, it can also hinder weight loss.

The expert explained the difference between a snack and constantly reaching for food.

She said, “We’ve all been there, whether it’s the children’s leftovers or the open packet of Percy Pigs on your desk.

“When you’re hungry, find a healthy snack, eat it mindfully, and stop when it’s ready. There’s a difference between a snack and constant grazing.

“Remember, when you are trying to lose weight, keeping your body supplied with food means that it is using it for energy and not using up your stored fat stores.”

Watching the serving size is also extremely important when trying to lose weight as you have such a firm grip on how many calories you are consuming.

Kim added, “It’s important that we think of snacks as small gas stations. They should “surprise” us until our next meal and not be an additional meal in and of themselves.

You can assume that it is okay to eat a snack in large quantities just because it is healthy. This way, you can find that in minutes your snack turns into calories worth an entire dinner.

“I recommend making a decent serving of your snack and eating it out of a bowl or plate rather than straight from the package, where it’s easier to lose track of how much you’ve eaten.”

When it comes to choosing a snack, there are many foods that should be avoided.

The nutritionist said, “Food manufacturers often use words like” natural “or” one of your five products a day “to market their products and trick us into believing they are a healthy snack option. In reality, this is not always the case and these products can contain high amounts of sugar.

“Even those declaring ‘no added sugar’ can hide a significant amount due to the use of dates and other high-sugar fruits in the ingredients.”

Kim recommends checking the nutrition information on the back to see how much sugar there is in the snack.

Snacking during the day can help satisfy cravings and non-restrictive dieting.

However, it should also be avoided to have too many snacks lying around.

The expert continued, “Are you someone who thoughtlessly sticks yourself into a packet of cookies because someone left them on the counter?

“Or reach for the open bag of chips on the table? One of the best ways to avoid this is to keep treated foods out of sight so that you don’t see or think about them regularly.

“Even better – don’t buy them at all and trade your less healthy snacks for some of my recommendations. There are many delicious, healthy snack options out there these days so you don’t have to choose between healthy and tasty. “