Since going to the gym is not so safe during COVID, I run and do weight training moves at home.

The exercises I did included a mix of strength training and cardio (6 days a week). I also started running on the treadmill every day (at least 2 miles). The training lasted at least an hour without a break. Slowly and gradually I reached my limits. Recently I increased my stamina and managed to run 11 kilometers in one train. I also want to exceed this benchmark.

Fitness Secrets I Revealed: Weight loss is only possible if you follow a balanced combination of proper diet and exercise.

You also have to give your body time to adapt and change. Consistency, discipline and patience are the key to this.

When exercising, one should also focus on toning the body and building muscles.

Another important thing that I have done to accelerate weight loss is to gradually reduce my meal serving. Keep working on reducing your high carbohydrates and focus on increasing protein.