I think the motivation can vary from person to person. But honestly, I’m a self-motivated person.

I keep myself motivated by some of these tricks that I would love to share. I hope they work for you too.

Looking for inspiration: Get inspiration from someone who encourages you to exercise.

Look in the mirror often: If you look in the mirror frequently, you will find that you need to lose weight and know which area to work more in.

Go shopping or try old clothes: If you go shopping or find that your old clothes no longer fit as they did before, you will be more encouraged to push yourself so that you can fit those clothes again.

Buy workout clothes: It will make you wear them and exercise so that you ultimately exercise. If you don’t feel good, you will never be good.

Train according to your needs: No need to go to the gym to lose weight if you want to. Dance You can try aerobics, zumba, or dance yourself. Set some goals and treat yourself after you achieve them.

Accept compliments: When someone compliments that you look thin, don’t deny it, accept it as it will encourage you more to stay in the shape you worked so hard for.

Click on photos: You should click many pictures to see that you are losing weight and where to do more work on your figure / body.

Do not compare yourself to others: Don’t get discouraged when you see other healthy people; instead, encourage yourself by saying that soon you will be like one too.

No diet: Do not starve, eat everything, but reduce the amount or consumption of fatty and sugary foods.

Feel good about yourself: Never lose your confidence due to weight or any other reason. You’re good, but you’re just trying to be a better version of yourself.

Last but not least, take breaks: Breaks are important as the body tends to reduce weight loss as it gets used to a pattern and furthermore, you should never get bored doing it on a daily basis. Give yourself and your body a break for a day to relax.