My breakfast: I start my day with a glass of lemon water. Later I have oatmeal (variations of it) / cereal / fruit / smoothies. I make sure to add healthy nuts and seeds like chia seeds and walnuts.

Smoothies also ensure that I stay full longer and don’t need a snack.

My lunch: I made the usual vegetable curry at home. I replaced whole grain rotis with Makki / Bajra / Jawar chapatis. One day I like vegetable sequinoa or khichdi brown rice. Quark and salads are also a must as they aid digestion.

My dinner: Tomato or vegetable soup or daal or boiled eggs together with a plate of lettuce (cucumber and carrot)

Pre-workout meal: Soaked almonds

Post-workout meal: Green tea with peanuts

I indulge myself (what you eat on your cheating days): I don’t believe in the concept of cheating days. When I switched to a healthier life, I didn’t feel like cheating on my diet or being tempted to buy junk food.

Low Calorie Recipes I Swear By: Healthy vegetable soup, peanuts to nibble on