As for the benefits of not drinking alcohol for a year, Scott reiterated one of OYNB’s key points that raised him.

“If you could take a pill that could give you weight loss, improve the quality of your sleep, improve your skin and appearance, improve your general health, improve your mood, increase your happiness, improve your relationships, reduce anxiety and stress, and improve overall Quality of your life and basic happiness with no side effects and it was free … anyone would take it, ”he said.

“And literally all of these things have improved [for me]. I really understand what alcohol does and how alcohol affects the body [now]. “

In retrospect, Scot didn’t deny how difficult it was to stop drinking: “It’s difficult. And I think the first 28 days, the first month was definitely the toughest, and then it gets better and easier.

“I think a lot of people do a month [detoxes] And it’s a shame because I think a lot of people feel better after this month – and this is the toughest month, if you can go just a little further then I think you will have real breakthroughs and it will definitely be easier. “

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