What is the Cambridge Weight Plan 1: 1 Diet?

The Cambridge Diet was the original name when the company was founded in 1984. Fast forward to 2019 and the name has been changed from Cambridge Weight Plan to The 1: 1 Diet – counselor-to-dietician relationships. That makes us unique and something that nobody else likes us. “

How is the Cambridge Diet different from the 1: 1 Diet?

As people move away from the original name, people are still searching for the brand and referring to it as the Cambridge Diet.

“But we’ve made leaps and bounds since the 1980s; from creating an ever-evolving range of products to providing advice and tools with tips and tools to fully support their diets and businesses, ”the site boasts.

The 1: 1 Diet remains “a lovable, passionate, and knowledgeable group of people who provide support, flexible weight loss plans, products, and business opportunities.”

The 1: 1 diet has over 35 products to choose from and consists of “savory dishes, sweet shakes, bars, soups and smoothie meal replacement products, but also snacks and Step Up® meals”.

Is the Cambridge Diet Safe?

The Cambridge Diet was developed, tested and validated by experienced nutritionists and researchers.

With the 1: 1 Diet, we are still rooted in research and have evidence that our products and plan are safe and effective for achieving manageable and controllable weight loss.

To learn more about The 1: 1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan please visit: www.one2onediet.com.