James Martin appears ITV today to present his weekly cooking show showing viewers how to make the most delicious meals and snacks. The chef recently talked about his impressive weight loss, but he started shedding the pounds while taking part in Strictly Come Dancing years ago.

“So I lost a stone and a half. And without a doubt I’ll lose another stone on this tour. “

In an interview with Mail Online around the same time, he added, “I lost a rockfall.

“I just think it’s a lifestyle thing and is watching itself on TV too.

“You used to watch a small TV and now they’re huge.”

When fans posted a picture of themselves, they noticed the chef had lost weight and were quick to comment on his transformation.

One wrote “wow, looks slim Mr. Martin” while another added “handsome”.

A third social media user said, “Well done James. You look great!”

James thanked the fans for their support and revealed his weight loss by saying, “Haha thank you everyone. 14 kilos lost to get new clothes. “

Once again, walks with his dogs, regular exercise, and a healthier diet had all helped James shed the pounds.

He eats a lot of fruits and vegetables and continues to eat less fatty foods.