Weight loss is often an uphill battle for many leaner people as there are so many diets on the market to try. In order to lose weight, you must have a calorie deficit, which means that you are consuming fewer calories than the body is burning. One expert shared how dieters can still lose weight by snacking during the day.

David Wiener, nutritionist for Sankofa snacks, said, “Everyone loves a snack, but it’s hard to stop the temptation to mindlessly or unhealthily snacking when you’re trying to lose weight.

“Snacking doesn’t have to be frowned upon, and healthy snacking and good choices can actually help you shed a few pounds.”

Leaners can consume any snack they want as long as they are calorie deficient. However, some may keep you fuller than others.

This will help reduce the need for constant snacking throughout the day to keep you in a calorie deficit.

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The expert recommends eating foods like dried fruits, vegetable chips, and dark chocolate.

He said, “Dried fruits are a simple, healthy snack to take with you on the go. For example, a mixture of dried plums, dates, raisins and dried apricots.

“These dried fruits help you lose weight because they are full of fiber, which will keep you feeling full and satisfied for longer.

“They’re also full of vitamins and minerals and a great source of antioxidants. Many of these dried fruits promote weight loss, improve digestion, and prevent overeating because of their high fiber content, which also helps the body get rid of toxins that are beneficial for digestion and intestinal health. “

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Chips are also a popular snack, but certain can be high in fat and oil.

Instead, opting for vegetable chips is a great way to satisfy those cravings, suggested the nutritionist.

The expert added: “Vegetable chips are high in fiber and can also aid digestion. Their high fiber content helps you feel full longer, and the feeling of fullness helps with weight and portion control as you are less likely to overeat or eat carelessly.

“Plantain chips are a great healthy replacement for your regular packet of chips.”

Snacking doesn’t have to be boring or restrictive either, and consuming chocolate occasionally can help leaner stay on the right track.

David said, “Dark chocolate is another delicious healthy snack that can help you lose weight as it can reduce cravings for sweet or unhealthy foods and promote bloating.

“Dark chocolate can also help your metabolism as it is filled with monounsaturated fats, which boost your metabolism and help you burn calories faster. However, when choosing dark chocolate, be sure to double-check the ingredients as many are still full of sugar. “

If you are looking to lose weight, cutting out sugar is important as high sugar levels can lead to weight gain.

The NHS advises that added sugars, like honey and syrups, make up no more than five percent of the energy you get from food and drink on a daily basis.

This corresponds to only 30 g per day for people over 11 years of age.

In search of a healthy and filling breakfast, the NHS recommends swapping out sugary cereal bowls.

The website says, “If you swap a bowl of sugary breakfast cereal for a simple cereal, you can cut 70g of sugar (up to 22 cubes of sugar) from your diet over a week.”

For example, swapping out a cereal bowl for porridge is a great way to add nutrients and vitamins to your diet early in the morning.