My breakfast: I followed intermittent fasting extensively during the lockdown period. I started with the 12:12 routine and switched to the 16: 8 pattern. I usually don’t have anything to eat during the mornings. I just make sure I stay hydrated and have plenty of water.

My lunch: Serving regular rice with some vegetarian / non-vegetarian curry made in very little oil and masala. Salads and quark are also eaten with my meal and I generally avoid rotis / chapatis.

My dinner: I usually have my last meal of the day at 7:30 pm to 8:00 pm and it’s usually something like a large bowl of salad or seasonal fruit. Most of the time I prefer to eat papayas.

Pre-workout meal: Sometimes 2 slices of black bread with peanut butter / half-boiled eggs with at least 500 ml-1 liter of water. It all depends on the time I exercise and my fasting window.

Post-workout meal: Usually fruit / fruit juice / coffee.

I indulge myself (what you eat on your cheating days): I don’t like cheating on my diet but when I do I indulge myself in outside food like Chicken Con / Ice Cream / Chocolate Desserts.