My breakfast: I wake up at 5-5:30 a.m., start my day with a glass of lukewarm water, and then start exercising.

Later, after training in the morning, I drink 1 cup of black coffee without sugar, 2 rotis with green vegetable ingredients / oats

My lunch: 2 rotis with green vegetables / daal or a bowl of rice with vegetable curry on alternating days.

My dinner:

For dinner all these 5 months I only had salad and sprouts and completely ignored rice and roti.

Pre-workout meal: Just water before my workout

Post-workout meal: I usually have breakfast after my morning run

I indulge myself (what you eat on your cheating days): Nothing in particular, just moderate amounts of anything cooked at home. I didn’t have junk food.

Low Calorie Recipes I Swear By: Salads of any kind.