My breakfast: 1 cup of organic coffee, sometimes with butter and sometimes without. I only drink a cup of organic coffee with or without butter (keto coffee). As I follow OMAD (One Meal A Day) I only have one big dinner.

My lunch: Nothing

My dinner: Because of OMAD I have 7-10 servings of salads, 5 whole eggs, nuts (pecan / macadamia / almonds / walnuts). This is just one example of what I eat in a day. There may be slight deviations on the remaining days, depending on what is made available at home. It has to be healthy and nutritious, that’s the key here.

Pre-workout meal: Nothing, because my body processed my own fat while fasting, so I don’t feel hungry or need to refuel before training.

Post-workout meal: I don’t have anything specific to eat, just my electrolytes and moisturizing fluids to replenish myself.

I indulge myself (what you eat on your cheating days): I’ve never felt the need to cheat my diet. I adhere to the lifestyle changes I have made and will continue to do so.

Low Calorie Recipes I Swear By: My meals are always high in fat, moderate in protein and low in carbohydrates. Low calories will not help you achieve your weight loss goal because most of the time they are high in sugar. And sugar spikes insulin, so you’re always burning sugar, not fat.