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John Kerry: American workers “fed a false story” that the move to clean energy “is at their expense”.

President Biden turned to climate issues on Wednesday and signed executive orders to stop new oil and gas leases for public land and water, preserve 30 percent of states and waterways by 2030, and find ways to double wind production in this way Year. John Kerry, the United States’ very first climate envoy, campaigned for the action, reiterating his belief that the climate crisis is “existential” and that “failure is literally not an option”. While briefing reporters, Kerry was asked about possible job losses in the fossil fuel industry and if he had a message for workers who believe they are at the end of their livelihoods. Kerry said these workers received “a false story” from the Trump administration about the clean energy move, which he said would not “get their money’s worth”. He added that the solar and wind energy industries grew rapidly before the COVID-19 pandemic, while coal-fired power plants have closed for the past few decades. “The same people can do these jobs. But the choice to run solar power now is a better choice,” he said, also pointing out the health risks associated with coal mining. John Kerry says oil and gas workers have received a “false story” that taking action against climate change will hurt their livelihoods and that President Biden “wants to make sure these people make better decisions” for jobs in the energy sector https: / / t .co / Nj065CIsxp – CBS News (@CBSNews) Jan 27, 2021 Republicans like Senator Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) didn’t buy the endorsement, suggesting Kerry’s testimony has no empathy. although he did not specifically disprove the notion that industry shifts might be possible for fossil fuel workers. John Kerry’s message to the tens of thousands of Americans who have lost their jobs thanks to the Biden government: Make solar panels. Where’s the empathy Joe Biden promised when he was inaugurated? – Tom Cotton (@TomCottonAR) Jan 27, 2021 More Stories From theweek.comGameStop Advocate Financial RegulationMitch McConnell is the GOATWith Senate Republicans who don’t condemn Trump, Democrats investigate alternative censure