■ These 1.5kg dumbbells are great for beginners who want to add resistance to their home workouts. They are a good starting weight for adding tension to an exercise. £ 6 (2 pack), bmstores.co.uk

■ The Ultimate Performance Massage Balls alleviate pain and relieve tension in muscles, ligaments and tendons. Use your body weight to control the depth of massage and pressure. £ 7.99 (set of 2), 1000mile.co.uk

■ Concentrate on your core and improve your strength and endurance with this Viavito Ab exercise bike. It comes with a 1.5 cm knee pad to protect your knees. £ 9.99, Sweatband.com

■ Meglio Fabric Glute Resistance Bands are the perfect alternative to free weights and resistance machines and can help strengthen your glutes and joints. Choose from three resistance levels. £ 5.99 each, mymeglio.com

■ Ten Boutique’s Align Pilates ball (18 cm diameter) can be used as a training aid or as part of a physiotherapy and rehabilitation routine. It helps target and strengthen smaller muscle groups, so it’s perfect for pelvic floor exercises and deep core muscles. £ 8, boutique.ten.co.uk

■ These Shreddy Sherbert Orange Sliders can be placed under your hands or feet while performing exercises to create an unstable surface and force you to use more muscles while exercising. Available February 18th, £ 9.99, shreddy.com