Functional nutrition is a dynamic pillar of functional medicine and includes food as a tool to support balance and proper physical function, as well as to help the body fight off future diseases.

By looking at my own diet with a more focused, functional approach, I was able to determine which foods were triggering my IBS symptoms and digestive upsets overall. (In my case, dairy and gluten.) Following an elimination protocol, I lived without these foods for four weeks while filling my diet with anti-inflammatory herbs, Spices, healthy fats, low-fructose fruits, and vegetable protein.

To support my bowels, I also turn to a Low FODMAP Diet. I made a conscious effort to limit foods that would cause gas (think garlic, onions, and legumes) well promoting like ghee or low-starch vegetables.

After just a month, I found that functional nutrition can help promote and maintain my optimal health from within.