DAYTON, OH (WDTN) – We speak to John North, President and CEO of BBB, about weight loss products. He explains what to consider before starting your trip!

Tips on Shopping for Weight Loss Products:
● Ask your doctor about any weight loss products you are considering. Make sure they are safe and suitable for you.
● Understand that your weight loss journey has no guarantees. There is no pill that magically makes you lose a lot of weight.
● Check out fitness or health magazines and online reviews for reviews of products that you may be considering.
Remember, if a product sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Don’t be fooled by the idea of ​​a “quick fix” that some dietary supplements promise, or products that advertise as “revolutionary” or “scientific breakthrough”. Avoid products that claim to help you lose weight without dieting or exercising. Skip any product that promises effortless results. Make sure the product you have purchased is safe to use.
● Be careful with luminous testimonials or dramatic pictures before and after pictures. These experiences may not be the standard and you may not see the same results. Testimonials are not statements of fact. You are someone’s opinion that is not backed by facts. Make sure research is done to substantiate a product’s claim.
● Check the ingredients of all products you have purchased. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has found that many nutritional supplements contain hidden ingredients, like prescription drugs or other compounds. No ingredient list or a very small ingredient list could be a red flag. Look for weight loss pills that contain clinically proven and approved ingredients.
● Be careful when buying items online. They can be from outside the United States and contain harmful ingredients.
● Read all terms and conditions. Make sure you only buy the items you want to buy and don’t sign up for a subscription unless you want to.
● Do not give up high pressure sales tactics.