When Jerry Karapetyan wanted to start his home nursing business from Medicare, he had the passion and skills to nurse, but not the business and logistical know-how. The latter was provided by Salem, New Hampshire-based Certified Homecare Consulting, who provides independent and franchise-based home care agencies, from home care licensing assistance to ongoing support.

“You did the process very well for me right from the start,” says Karapetyan, whose Better Choice company with 29 employees looks after around 50 customers in the Los Angeles area. “I don’t know much about other companies so I can’t compare, but Certified Homecare Consulting certainly met my requirements.”

Here’s how a home health agency got the help they needed from a home health consultancy – and why they’re still in constant touch today.

Home Health Care Business Launch: The Road to Home Health Care Licensing

Karapetyan found Certified Homecare Consulting through Google and trusted his own intuition and belief to guide his decision. He was right. Certified Homecare Consulting guided Karapetyan through every step of his startup of his home care business in California:

– Prepare the documentation for establishing the home nursing business, including the company’s articles of association, company statutes, and home nursing policies and procedures
– Securing his tax number
– Prepare Karapetyan and Better Choice for the California Home Nursing License and Medicare Accreditation Surveys
– Training Karapetyan and his team to pass the surveys, including creating a mock survey where Certified Homecare Consulting dispatched its clinical staff to provide guidance at its office location

All of this work enabled Karapetyan and Better Choice a smooth and guided path to home nursing licensing and Medicare accreditation in California.

Building Home Nursing Business: Navigating Medicare, Marketing Aid

Better Choice ran its survey period between February and April 2020. After Better Choice obtained the home health care license in California and was ready to host customers, Certified Homecare Consulting worked consistently with Karapetyan and his team to support patient enrollment. including assistance with the ever-changing Medicare rules and regulations.

This was big during COVID-19, says Karapetyan, and has potential beyond that.

“There are a lot of plans Medicare is developing or new rules that everyone has to follow,” says Karapetyan. “Certified Homecare Consulting keeps us up to date on which guidelines are updated or what else needs to be done. They keep us updated on federal Medicare guidelines. “

To generate leads and build the business, Better Choice also got Certified Homecare Consulting for its marketing work – another key benefit that Certified Homecare Consulting offers. The company created the Better Choice website, which is part of their marketing offering, as well as creating business cards and brochures, and designing a logo for their home care business.

The company also helped Better Choice provide customized patient admissions packages that included all of the required forms and procedures covered during an initial patient visit, as well as providing all of the forms and documents required to run its business.

Home Health Business Growth: Continuous Support

Under the guidance of Certified Homecare Consulting, Better Choice successfully completed its Medicare accreditation survey in April 2020. Since then, they have been in regular contact with Certified Homecare Consulting on all questions, from clinical questions to new regulations to employee training.

“We’re like friends – we talk a lot,” says Karapetyan. “I get a letter from CMS or the health department and am not sure what the letter is. I need help. I look at it and they say, ‘Jerry, we did this for you. ‘”

Karapetyan notes that he can refer any business question to Certified Homecare Consulting and knows they will answer them.

“When I have a question, I call them and tell my staff, ‘If you have a question, give them a call,’” he says. “We talk to them all the time. And that’s important to me. “

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