The popular fitness kits and memberships from P.volve are 30% cheaper

P.volve may have entered the home workout scene as early as 2017, but now, in 2021 (while crouching in front of our couches) the trend is stronger than ever. The popular fitness method includes digital membership in streaming-on-demand and live classes that use specialized equipment to provide low-impact strengthening through functional exercise (more on this below!). The company is currently offering 30% off all of its top selling fitness kits (just use the discount code NEWYEAR30 at checkout). This includes everything from the Starter Kit to the Total Transformation Kit, all of which come bundled with a free three month membership to P.volve’s streaming fitness library. In addition, new subscribers can currently take advantage of a free 14-day trial version of the digital membership and 30 days of free LIVE courses. Read on for a full review of P.volve if you want to learn more before signing up. What is P.volve? P.volve was developed by trainer Stephen Pasterino (best known for working with Victoria’s Secret models) who was fed up with workouts that didn’t translate into real-world movements. “What muscles do when you move and how people use them in the gym are two different things,” says Pasterino. At P.volve, Pasterino is very conscious of the exercises he chooses. Most of the movements mimic walking, and although the class is labeled “functional training,” he does not do squats or lunges because he believes they are against functional training. Its rationale is that most people have over-exercised quads, which is a “disorder” or not the way the body is supposed to work. Instead, Pasterino asks its clients to do something called a “P.sit,” with you hanging by your hips like you would on a deadlift. “Most people don’t have really good hip flexion and their butts don’t spin when they go down, so everyone bends through their backs,” he says. With the P.sit and a series of steps and reaches, it can increase hip flexion and activate the glutes, he says. What does the P.ball do? According to Pasterino, the P.ball is supposed to put pressure on your inner thighs. Many exercise programs (like Pilates or Barre) involve exercises with a ball between your legs, as it takes strength to keep it in place. The P.ball is strapped to your legs so that you don’t have to do any muscle work to stabilize it. It just serves to “help these muscles communicate with the brain in order to activate them,” he says. “My ball has the right amount of pressure to push into those muscles, and then it has a strap that keeps it in place.” What is functional fitness? Functional fitness is certainly not new and one of the most important concepts in exercise. Basically, functional training can be defined as movement performed in daily tasks or activities in life, explains Tara Romeo, CSCS, CES, USAW, director of the Professional Athletic Performance Center in Garden City, NY. Functional training can improve the general way your body works, she says. Some classic functional movements include squats, lunges, presses, or bicep curls, but functional exercises can range from simple to complex, says Romeo. For example, medicine balls, which are seated with a press, are carried by a farmer, and dumbbell step-ups are classified as “functional” exercises because they simulate things you do at work or at home, she says. With tricky machines and great subway ads, many of us can quickly write off P.volve as just another fitness fad, not a truly functional exercise regimen. It is important to note, however, that what makes a movement “functional” for one person does not necessarily mean that it is functional for another person, says Romeo. “Each program should be tailored to a person’s specific needs and what they want to improve for their overall quality of life,” she says. In other words, you do you. At Refinery29 we are here to help you navigate this overwhelming world. All of our market selections are independently selected and curated by the editorial team. However, if you buy something that we link to on our website, Refinery29 may earn a commission. Do you like what you see? How about a little more R29 grade, right here? Lululemon, Mirror & ALL The 2021 Deals on Fitness8 Products That Needed a Bad Sleep to Doze CityWe tested 10 top leggings to find the best pair