It is crucial to engage an experienced attorney when you’re accused by a person of an Title IX infraction. A Title IX attorney will protect your rights and ensure you receive due process during the hearing and investigation. They will also gather evidence and construct an argument.

A Title IX Lawyer Jacksonville can answer all your questions about the legal process. This includes how to file a claim and what to expect during the investigation. They can help you gather all the evidence, like eyewitness statements, school handbooks and correspondence, which you can use in your lawsuit.

Title IX prohibits discrimination in schools that receive federal funding in relation to sexual identity and gender identity. Schools can interpret the law more broadly than Congress intended. Consequently, they can impose harsher sanctions on students than they are legally obligated to.

In addition, it is typical for schools to take disciplinary action against students who aren’t considered to be at fault in Title IX proceedings. These penalties can include expulsion, academic deferment, suspension or dismissal, and other negative consequences.

Our firm has years of experience in defending college students from accusations of discrimination under Title IX or other student rights laws. We have assisted hundreds of students in similar situations and are ready to put our knowledge to work for you.

Title IX: Your Rights

While allegations of misconduct may be a challenge to resolve it is imperative to seek legal counsel if you’re accused of a sexual assault or any other form of discriminatory behavior on campus. An experienced attorney will help you navigate the complexity of these issues starting with preparing for an interview to addressing the school’s concerns during hearing.

The Title IX statutes also entitle you to compensation in the event that you are injured by a discriminatory act. This could include money you have already spent on tuition, housing or fees. The school could also be liable in the event that it penalizes you for expressing your displeasure.

Retaliation & Discrimination

You may feel that everyone in your community is against someone who has been accused of discrimination. Many people are isolated and ostracized for protesting against discriminatory actions. An experienced lawyer can help you determine whether the teacher or school was responsible for retaliation, and seek to pursue a claim on your behalf.

Our lawyers have successfully fought numerous claims against colleges and universities by obtaining settlements, refunds, and monetary awards for our clients. They have also represented students who have been accused of discrimination in a wide range of disciplines that include the athletics, the arts and religious organizations.

When looking for an attorney for defense, you need to consider the specific strategy they will employ in your case. You should also ask prospective attorneys about their trial experience as this can help you decide whether they are the right lawyer for you.

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